Fountain of Youth

Michelberger's very own fresh, young coconut water. Inspired by a holiday and the result of many days searching and tasting and learning. It's our hotel in a drink. Travelling the world, spreading the love. Where ever you see the monkey, say hello and feel connected.

Taste the sunshine

37d03d - a PEOPLE collective

We are a steadily growing group of artists, freely creating and sharing our work with each other and everyone. We call it 37d03d – a collective of people turning things upside down. An idea that came to live during our 2016 Michelberger Music Festival (michelbergermusic.com) in Berlin and is evolving since then.

Listen and take part

Michelberger Booze

One clear, fresh and bracing, like soaring through the mountain air and the other dark, mysterious, warming, and mellow, like padding through the rustling leaves of a forest. Think of something beautiful, drink it. Magic herbal potions in a bottle.

Into the forest, up on the mountain