The Michelberger is a modern sanctuary in the heart of Berlin, which has been writing its own story for over a decade. A place where we meet each other with kindness, respect, patience, and understanding. We are here to shape the environment that we desire to live in. Above all, we are an open, human, social space, where guests and hosts meet eye-to-eye, and where the appreciation for the craft of service, quality of products, and the process behind everything is nurtured and treasured. Human encounters, the celebration of togetherness around food and culture, and the freedom of thought, opinion, and speech are at the core of our identity.
The Michelberger lives, changes, and grows in diversity with every new colleague on our international team.
If you love what you do, and know why you do it, there is always a place for you. If you take pride in your skills and talents, care about the details, get on well with those around you, have things to say, and enjoy conversation, we’d love to hear from you.
You are welcome to reach us at jobs@michelbergerhotel.com directly or look in the menu under Jobs to see if there is already something suitable for you.