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One of the joys of running a hotel is the chance to work together with friends, both old and new. We treasure what they bring to our place, whether it be their music, food, wine or design. Sometimes all it takes is time and space. And people naturally do what we are born for: to create together. Here's a list of links of past, current and future happenings or words about us and others. And sometimes Nadine and Tom like to put into words what they have been thinking about and share it below.

Thoughts on Things

World Peace by Doing the Work

Nov 28, 2016

Shopping Mall Yes or No

Jul 25, 2016

PEOPLE All Inclusive

Nov 21, 2016

Humans - Members Only

Jul 5, 2016


Article on Resistance & Disruptors - Brand Eins

"Wherever breaking the rules is merely talked about, or in other words a simulation of change, the fronts gradually harden. Because the conformists do not stop conforming just because someone encourages them to the contrary. Most conformists do not see themselves that way. They do not think along alternate or new paths, but they think they do.” - Wolf Lotter / Brand Eins in his essay “Resistance”

Full article here

Forbes Article on Michelberger Hotel

By Guy Martin - Cabin in the sky: "The Michelberger is a lone wolf, unlike any other lodging you may book in Berlin, or anywhere else for that matter. Housed in a five-storey 19th-century Wilhelmine factory building that was, amazingly, not bombed flat in WWII, the hotel had been a Communist city administration office, then, like many of the public buildings in the East, fell into disuse after the Wall came down. Michelberger and May opened in 2009."

More at forbes.com

Forbes Magazine on Michelberger's Head Chef Alan Micks

The classic Micks interplay of the raw versus the cooked shows through on the entire card. The wild rose hips he gets from the foragers he crushes into sauces to garnish the quince-and-rice pudding. His bresaola comes from an organic, and lovably insane, buffalo farmer in Brandenburg. "Some things you have to cook," says Micks, summing up his brutal-yet-tender approach to managing the countryside bounty. "And some things you can just cook by cuttin' 'em with a good knife or hittin' 'em with a hammer."

More at forbes.com

Musikexpress - Extended Lookback PEOPLE 18

"Much of this concept runs counter to the logic of modern music events - basically the entire music industry - there are two ways to describe this idea, the modest one is that People's makers want to change the way we listen to music at festivals - more feel, less consumption, the other, the more ambitious answer: they want to start a small revolution. The Michelberger Festival was a working title, PEOPLE is the name of a bigger idea."

Read more here (in German)

Mixology Magazine on Michelberger Booze

Portrait of Michelberger Mountain & Forest: „Uns war es wichtig die Komplexität der Kräuter zu erfassen und aufzuschlüsseln, und auch, wie sie miteinander reagieren, um ein optimales Geschmackserlebnis zu kreieren. Dabei haben wir stark aus dem Erfahrungsschatz der Destillerie schöpfen können.“

More at mixology.eu

NPR's inside look on Michelberger Music Festival 2016

Watching A Festival, And Its Music, Take Shape - by Laura Snapes: "Every night, my bedroom ceiling rattled as the Overlook, a large room on the hotel's fourth floor, became a frenzied jam session, with members of Marijuana Deathsquads, Boys Noize, alt-J and more engaged in synth-based battle until the sun came up and they returned to the Funkhaus. "

More at npr.org

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Review on PEOPLE 18

Who wants to hear, has to feel - "Everyone likes to say that they want to make the world a more creative and therefore better, freer place. But only projects like this really take it seriously, because they do not understand freedom as a noun, but as a verb, as a continuous, real fulfilling, social activity."

More at sueddeutsche.de (in German)

Michelberger Music Festival 2016

Films & Videos from the first PEOPLE Gathering in Berlin - "On Sept 26th 2016 we met in Berlin for a week of music and Togetherness. Inviting our friends form along the way, to an independent, Artist driven, commercial free, collaborative musical Gathering in our Hotel and The Funkhaus. This is a look Back. And a dream forward."


The Creative Independent Interview

Interview with Nadine & Tom Michelberger: "The capacity to create things is something we all have inside us, but it gets buried and covered up by the usual routines of stress and work and relationships."

More at thecreativeindependent.com

Loud & Quiet Review PEOPLE 18

Tristan Gatward: "This weekend, PEOPLE has rewritten the process behind making, releasing and interacting with music, and for the most part it feels important."

More at loudandquiet.com

Billboard Magazine on PEOPLE

"PEOPLE is about dissolving these borders and reducing these hierarchies to create an even playing field where it's really just about creation and making work just to make it. " Interview with Nadine & Tom Michelberger and other PEOPLE Artists on the 37d03d people collective.

More at billboard.com

Byron Katie - Institute for the Work

Changing you world, by questionning your thoughts, stories and beliefs. Our friend Katie has the tools.


PEOPLE Platform is now live

An idea for the many. Empowering the creator in all of us.