Healing Cinema - A Sunday with Petites Planètes

Healing Cinema - A Sunday with Petites Planètes

Priscilla Telmon and Mathieu ‘Vincent Moon’ Saura will take over the Hotel for a special experience - a day exploring the possibilities of cinema and healing, modern rituals and experimental art forms.

From intimate musical sessions during the day to a live music + cinema experience at night, from a rare circular installation of their feature film ‘Híbridos, the Spirits of Brazil’ to an experimental meditative cinema trip with eyes closed, and some talks on trances in the digital age...

5-10pm • HÍBRIDOS, THE SPIRITS OF BRAZIL - premiere of the cinema installation of HÍBRIDOS ( http://hibridos.cc/en/themovie ), a 4 year long research into rituals in Brazil, in the Underlook room

6-9pm • IMMERSIVE FIELD CINEMA - a personalized live cinema meditation and sound bath of 20min long, for 10 people at a time, in the Whiskey Room from 6pm to 9pm (inscriptions when you arrive)

6-9pm • MUSICAL LIVE SURPRISES in various hotel rooms

9.30-11.30pm • MUSIC + CINEMA RITUAL - a live cinema performance, merging different recordings of rituals from around the world with music being played live, in the Courtyard (with musical guests)

Tickets 10 euros - https://tickets.michelbergerhotel.com/produkte/26895-tickets-healing-cinema-michelberger-hotel-berlin-am-26-07-2020